Tale of happiness: The hungry road to success

Once upon a time a young boy came into the shop of his uncle. He wanted to buy a Snickers, yet he couldn’t find it. He looked everywhere until he broke down in tears and sat down on the ground. His uncle heard him crying and grabbed a Snickers from the counter. He walked towards his nephew and smiled while he dropped the Snickers into the young boys’ hands. The boy looked up and started laughing. The morning had begun the same as every other day.

Michael was the young boy’s name and he was ‘born the wrong way’ his parents explained when people asked after his inexplicable behavior. His eyes were clear, yet his vision wasn’t. He just wasn’t able to think straight. His IQ was extraordinary high, tests concluded, his concentration wasn’t however. But everybody loved him for his honest and happy appearance.

Now, while everyone tried to make a living from their diploma’s, he would never have a diploma. At least that was what his parents said. He had agreed with their opinions, because he saw a whole lot of other ways to a selfsufficient living, other than a simple diploma. He decided to make a living being just a man. He had spent hours upon hours to plan his journey to success. He had overused his brains capacity, yet he would not let anybody stop him, not even his own brains. The only thing he needed to keep on going was a Snickers. Nobody knew when he needed one, but when he felt like needing it, he needed it immediately.

So here he was, on the ground at his uncle’s gasstation, to eat a Snickers. While eating it, he came to the glorious insight that would change his life… He would call Snickers for their help in making his dream to become a famous advertiser. So he invented the advertisement: ‘You’re not you when you’re hungry.’

The story behind this advertisment was the following: don’t be mistaken for one moment to get successful. It’s the road to success that makes you SEE this moment of glory. Be prepared for it, and you’ll be amazed at the outcome. Michael could only smile… and eat a Snickers after sharing his joy with the world, to live happily ever after.