Tale of happiness – The magical book (1/2)

Once upon a time… a group of complete strangers wandered through the night. They were in search of shelter for the rain that had already started to fall down. 18 souls with different life-stories had now walked onto each others life-path. Six of them in search for gold, six in search for happiness and six in search for help. Help to find what they are supposed to be looking for.

The gathering formed exactly 6 days ago, in the middle of the night, when a lawyer from Cleveland stumbled upon an old book. ‘The joy of searching by Leo Reynolds.’ The first page described the audience which the author had picked to write for. It said: ‘This novel is written for those who believed they miss that magic spark to live with passion.’ The lawyer got lost in his thoughts until he found himself to be on a busy road in the middle of the Wild West, back in the old days. He got up on his feet to dust off his suit, without taking his eyes off his surroundings. He quickly jumped away from the trails of horses and realised this wasn’t a dream. The book had launched him hundreds of years back in time! His pockets were empty except for one thing, a golden key reflecting the sun as soon as he studied it. He’d no idea what to do with it, though he was smart enough to put it back and carry it with him. 439 years later, on that very same spot his daughter entered the room where time took her dad and picked up the book. She glanced at its cover and smiled: ‘What a beautiful book!’ she thought. She ran downstairs to store it in the craft with the others. ‘Muuuum! I’m ready!! Can we please goo?!’ Soon after, she carried the craft with her mum from the car to a plaid in front of the library. Together with 4 others she collected $23,- as a donation for the scouts that would celebrate their 25th anniversary the following day. Meanwhile, the lawyer who carried the name ‘Michael’ had managed to find a place to rest. His luck lead him to a young woman with dark eyes which gave her a mysterious appearance. Michael was tired and wanted his body to lay down to gain some rest. Fortunately he got something to eat, still enjoying the fresh glass of milk afterwards. Little did he know, he was about to wake up in the forest of wonders…

During the 6 hours of sleep the magical words of the book reached out to 13 other individuals. The 15th had just decided to hold the book apart she’d just been given by her doctor. She first had to get dressed for the ball tonight… to be continued in part 2.