Tale of happiness: The magical book (2/2)


She got launched back in time on the same blanket as five other women who were wearing clothes for a night out as well. The others were talking and appeared to feel comfortable in between hundreds of trees that blocked any sight of life. They immediately stopped talking when she, carrying the name Angel, opened the book they had all opened within the previous 6 hours of time. She turned the first page and started reading out loud the following words: ‘Gold is a precious thing to have but beware, your desire could be so strong that it’ll rob you from your happiness. Which is the only thing you’re put on earth for to find.’ After these last words the book disappeared as if by magic. Before they could say a word, they were ‘skadooshed’  back to their homes 439 years forward in time.

They were all holding a piece of paper and a pen. The only thing they were able to move, were their eyes and their thoughts. The words on paper told them they had to commit their lives to happiness and prioritize it above gold and other possessions. The pen would write their vows down in black ink, only if their words and their commitments were true. Their fears disappeared by the ticking of the clock and their minds became clear. Life wasn’t about the glitter and glamour of gold, they already had a golden heart… They all vowed and connected with their hearts for the first time ever since innocent childhood. Freedom of mind was their reward for the interest in an old book, given by their happy children. An hour ago life seemed to be complex and weird, without hope for happiness. Happiness that could only be found in their hearts, they’d just vowed to life. Immediately after their vows the piece of paper and pen vanished as if they’d never existed and something else unexpected happened. Their husbands lit up in front of them till they’d regained their physical body. They smiled and stepped forward to kiss their wives back into control. Each woman got her control back over her body. A smile followed the biggest hug they’d been given in years…

A gentle pull on their dresses awoke them to the single most beautiful thing in their worlds. Angel kneeled down to look her little daughter, Joy, deep in the eyes. In the middle of this silence Joy opened her hands to give her the golden key Michael had been studying in sunlight 439 years ago. It was her reward for the $23,- she’d collected with her friends. He smiled without recalling his experience back in the forest of wonders, where he’d came across five other men holding golden keys. He realized this very moment that his happiness had to be found right where he got enchanted by the magical book: in the middle of his love for his wife and daughter. Joy on the other hand wasn’t thinking either about the table full of ice cream, candy and fruit juices she’d visited in the same time her parents were rediscovering their happiness. No, she wasn’t thinking about the five friends she’d found on this table full of colorful foods and drinks. Neither about what she wanted from the future. No, she just enjoyed life now, as she was supposed to do as a 4 year old. They decided to lay down in bed all together and hug each other till sleepiness would catch their minds to love each other happily ever after…SKADOOSH!