Tale of happiness: Rebirth of lights

Once upon a time… a boy sat down the riverbanks in the South West of the Rocky Mountains. He sat alone, but he wasn’t alone. He thought of his girlfriend who’d decided to discover the world on her own. Her determination intimately excited the boy, she was a great example for him to follow. The boy was a peaceful young man, 23 years old, curly black hair and dark green eyes. He was characterized by his patience and fortitude in chasing his dreams. He was known by his friends for his ambitions, high as skyscrapers. His girlfriend matched his interests perfectly. She was intelligent, beautiful and very ambitious as well. Her blue eyes were one of the most beautiful places where he found peace. He sometimes completely lost himself in his thoughts. He was a brilliant thinker, but sometimes lost his grip on reality.

Today was such a day. His thoughts overshadowed his happiness for the time being. He resisted his good life, feeling troubled, wondering whether he was walking the right path. This was the #1 trap of his ambitious mind; to feel insecure and doubtful. He encountered these moments of weakness once in a while, and knew he had to be alone this time. So here he was, at his favorite spot, sharing his thoughts with the water in front of him. He slowly reconnected with his heart, enjoying the warmth of the sun on his forehead. He closed his eyes and imagined himself to be cuddling with the love of his life. His lust for life tickled his feet while his mind slowly idled. Clarity returned to his mind, while the lust crawled up his back. The outside world was witnessing something amazing to happen… the boy was about to lit up like a light bulb. This wasn’t visible from the physical perspective on life, no. In the physical world he knew, people didn’t see magic happen. Magic could only be seen by the eyes of a child and highly developed spiritual beings, because of their openness to life. Animals were able to feel the invisibility as well. The lust for life had reached his crown and turned the boy into an amazing source of colorful lights. Purple, green, red, yellow and white traveled through the thin air and covered him in serenity. He smiled and enjoyed the burden he’d dropped the instance he got covered in light. This wonderful experience didn’t destroy his thoughts, nor did it affect his mind itself. No, this enlightenment cut him loose from his thoughts effecting in a true feeling of freedom. He controlled his mind and knew he’d found his heart back to regain the strength and perseverance in order to work his dreams into reality. He stayed in this position for five more minutes, to peacefully reconnect with the physical world again. Who knows what life would bring him the following moments, hours, days and weeks? He didn’t think about it, he enjoyed the freedom of mind he’d found in his meditation. He stood up to thank the sun for its warmth and the wind for its help to drop the mental burden off his shoulders. He smiled and knew he would do something extraordinary and unexpected next week… he would be patiently waiting for his love to return home…  Because he had never loved someone as much as he loved her. He would make her experience life on earth the most precious one she had ever dreamed possible. All in order to discover life together happily ever after…