Tale of Happiness: The truth of a smile

Once upon a time a young man sat down near a tree in the garden. He looked at the sky and seemed troubled. The mental institution he inhabited didn’t serve as a home. It was just another object in his world. He had been transferred two days ago because of his decreased attitude towards society. The doctors who’d examined him over the past months weren’t sure about a full recovery. The name he carried wasn’t important to him. But the meaning all the more: a leader for the people. Though he didn’t seem to have all Marbles for outsiders, he knew in his heart that he was special. He wasn’t put on Earth to wander around, helping psychiatrists to earn money. Nor for the purpose of anything else he could think of. His purpose was to help others and change this world on planet Earth. His heart desired for expression, expression of love. A life filled with perfect moments. A truly happy life, in which he had found the strength to follow his heart. To be free from circumstances and opinions of others. His uttermost desire was clarity. In other words; peace of mind. He dreamed a lot, probably too much to grasp. His beloved ones knew him as a magnificent dreamer. Yet, he’d lost his grip on reality outside his mind. Tragic, yet not fatal. The only thing he needed was an opening. A moment in which he regained the truth, his truth.

He had never met Mr. Silence, until he got introduced to him by a old friend who came by for a visit. He seldomly talked with relatives from outside the institute. However, this time was different. The visitor had brought something with him; a smile. The young man was stunned, he’d never seen anyone smiling this sincere. A hug followed the smile and the both sat down a seat in the garden. The visitor didn’t say a word, he just witnessed the birds fly by while enjoying the sun in the blue sky. Silence. The young man didn’t start talking either. At first he got lost in his mind again where he believed dark thoughts ruled. The presence of his visitor however had a tremendous impact on the nature of his thoughts. They happened to disappear, which the young man couldn’t grasp at all. This situation last for 15 minutes until the young man truly got introduced to Mr. Silence. Emptiness. Pure emptiness. The emptiness in which his thoughts had played hide and seek the past few months. He had been cut loose from his thoughts without warning. This effected in the reconnection with his loving heart. He felt like a child again. It was as if he’d been reborn. In his words soon after: awakened to the truth. The start of a new life… he’d never dreamed possible.

He felt his breath drawing in and out, the birds singing his favorite songs, the sun warming his skin and… a smile appearing on his beautiful face. Experience had taken over knowledge. His heart had overtaken his mind with loving-kindness. An extraordinary rendez-vous of these two men. It was the most beautiful gathering the young man had ever experience. And it had awakened him to his life-purpose. He wanted to help others feel this same way. To help them experience the true beauty of life and introduce them to Mr. Silence as well. He wanted to share his clarity of happiness with the world and everyone inhabiting it. He smiled to his visitor and stood up to hug his friend. They remained silent for 5 more minutes and would soon after cross paths again, to change the world in accordance with their life purposes happily every after…