Tale of happiness: True value for money

Once upon a time this young boy walked down the streets of Washington, with his head bowed down. Not before the President of the United States but because he was looking for money. He bend over and picked up a nickel. He held it to the sky to look at it’s head, the side face of Jefferson. The boy smiled and his teeth glittered in the morning sun. He hid it away in one of his 4 pockets on the frontside of his army jacket. The coin hit another coin and the sound made the boy smile again.

His smile didn’t last long, he tripped over his feet and fell to the ground. ‘Come on lad, get back on your feet.’ A wealthy man looked down to the boy and gave him a hand: ‘Thomas Jefferson, nice to meet you. What’s your name?’ ‘Buddy’, the boy replied surprised. ‘What a nice coat you’re wearing! Very good of you to dress warm in this cold nowadays’, smiled the man. The boy couldn’t stop staring at the white clothes which gave the man somehow a magical appearance. His smile was warm and comforting, as if he truly cared about the boy. ‘Are you listening, boy?’ the man gently smiled. The young boy came back to his senses and remembered himself to have seen the face of this helping man before. On a coin! It was on the nickel he’d found just about 3 minutes ago! He slowly reached in the pocket he’d stocked his precious treasures. But it was empty! He reached in his left pocket which was empty too, the other two pockets as well. He quickly searched down the street with his eyes yet couldn’t find anything but a straight flush. A sound laugh made him look up to the man which amused himself because of the poor boy. He crouched down and asked for the boy’s hand. The boy couldn’t match his intentions but gave him his hand anyway. He didn’t lose eye-contact with the white man who opened his hand to give the boy a coin. The boy glanced down and looked at a golden coin with his own head on one side! He turned the coin in his hand and read the following words out loud: ‘Follow your dreams for if they are your greatest fortune and therefore priceless.’

The boy looked up in wonder to ask Mr.Jefferson to ask for it’s meaning, yet… he was gone! As quick as he’d arrived at the boys stumblin as quick he’d disappeared in the silence of the empty streets. The boy scratched his head while he once again observed the golden present in his hand. It was beautifully designed with amazing details on the coin and it reflected the sun…’Wait a second’, the boy thought while he noticed a symbol on the edge of the coin. He’d seen that symbol before! It stands for the present moment: here and now… For a moment he was quiet. He closed his eyes and memorized the words on the coin… he remembered he’d lost his coins for good until suddenly the kind face of the man appeared in front of his imagination saying the words: ‘Follow you dreams little boy… money will come… it will come to you… follow your dreams…’ and the still smiling Mr. Jefferson gently faded away, for if the boy would be inspired the rest of his abundant life happily ever after.