Tale of happiness: Two friends and the applepie

Once upon a time the lights dimmed in the family house of the Copperfields. The sun awakened the solar cells at the rooftop. Wozzy, the Jack Russell, yawned and stretched himself out in the kitchen. The underfloor heating warmed his cushions at the bottom of his feet while he dribbled into the hallway. He jumped up the staircase and managed to climb the second one as well. The door of his best friend was open and he saw his hand hanging outside of the bed. Wozzy licked it and happily stepped back wagging his tail to bark once. The secret code to everlasting friendship… Two sleepy eyes opened up and two hands picked happy Wozzy up to find himself 2 seconds later in an intense hug. If dogs could purr like cats, this scenario would be the perfect spot for Wozzy to do so. The warmth of his sleepy friend comforted him and before he knew he’d fallen asleep with him.

A couple hours later he woke up because of the smell of… an apple pie! It turned out to be 3 hours later and the sun already warmed up the white blanket of snow outside. He struggled to release himself out of the love and jumped up to find himself 10 seconds later wagging his tail in the kitchen. He looked up to the oven where this heavenly smell originated from. He stood here for 1.000.000 seconds without anyone helping him to get to this amazing lovely miraculous pie. Whining didn’t help and patience didn’t occur to be a doggy thing. If a dog appeared to be patience, he immediately appeared to be lazy. So, every dog had declined this terrifying attitude. Whining helped a lot better to get to some food or outside for a pipi. Dogs really didn’t long for anything else. Wozzy heard two feet coming down the stairs. His wagging tail returned together with two happy barks. Jackie, his best friend, would help him to get a piece of the pie! ‘Hey little one, why’d you leave me just yet? You were so warm, mmmhh.’, he looked up and saw the oven working to get the pie warm: ‘Aha, off course you left me, this pie needed your attention more than I do huh?’ Jackie laughed, and kneeled in front of Wozzy. ‘You happy thing, I can’t give you a piece of the pie… yet. But I promise you that within 2 hours I’ll share my piece together with you.’ Two barks followed this promise and the two got outside to play with the first sun rays… The pie would be shared by these friends for life.  Happiness turned out to be flexibly integrated into every moment of time spend together. Best friends for ever would fit the picture hmm? Well, at least for Wozzies life. Wozzy and Jackie would eat a lot more pies together to enjoy life together happily ever after…

Have a wonder-ful weekend with your beloved ones! And don’t miss out on that piece of pie!