Tale of happiness: two old friends and Jack

Once upon a time in a place far away from home, two houses to be exactly, this old man stood up from an old chair. He’d noticed a strange sound coming from inside the house. He grabbed his rifle and chewed on his upper tooth like he always did when he got nervous. He slowly left the porch to enter the house. It was dark, but he recognized the smell of little Jack Daniels the whiskey he got raised with. A broken lightbulb failed to enlight him on his search for whatever made the sound he’d stood up for.

‘John, where are ya?’ yet, no response. ‘John?’ The old man saw his beloved friend laying stretched out before the couch. He swiftly kneeled down next to him; ‘John, are ya ollright?’ John didn’t move, so the old man felt his heart, and believed he could feel a pulse, so sat back against the couch. He took out his private supply of Jack and sipped its spices to think back at the good old times. Back in the time when he and John got bullied by three bullying senior farmers which they repaid with letters to their girlfriends, which, off course, resulted in revenge. He and John were locked up in church for an entire night. This is where their friendship with Jack had begun. They’d found a collection of 12 bottles and were found wasted the morning after by the pastor, who’d never told anyone about it. In contrary, it marked the start of a joyful friendship between him and the two boys, who were only 11 at the time. For now, the old man had turned 93, still wearing his smile. He would never forget the pastor who’d left life on Earth for others to cherish decades ago.

– ‘Argghh’, John stumbled while he tried to get up. The old man started laughing before he shared a hand to help John up. John blinked his eyes and laughed along. Laughing for no reason was their greatest treasure, and was their daily ritual from the beginning of time. The old man stood up to wish his friend goodnight.

‘Goodnight mate’, John laughed. The old man stepped outside and stopped in the opening of the door to sniff up the scent of wild flowers. He sighed and walked down the porch smiling, wondering what tomorrow would bring after a couple of magic moments before he would fall asleep again. Tomorrow… a new adventure to share with Jack and John, his best friends to live with happily ever after…