The #1 reason to kick-off the life of your dreams

What would you do if you could create everything you desire? I sincerely believe that everything is possible. And with everything I mean everything. But you’ve probably heard this many times before. At least, I do. Maybe you’ve even experimented with it – to give it a shot – until you found out you had better things to do. I can imagine that. I’ve been down the same road before. Yet, I have seen the light I guess. There’s one thing I havn’t read, heard or seen anywhere on the net, in books or in conversations. It’s the one thing that felt missing during the hours of dreaming. It was the reason why to dream. The reason why visualization would help me to become a better me. 

Every success guru from New Zealand to The Netherlands talks about the power of visualization. Nearly every book about personal development states that your imagination is the key to the life of your dreams, happiness, wealth and beyond. Now, I challenge you to come up with a reason why you should start dreaming about a better future – the life of your dreams. To help you explore your imagination I’ve conducted an interview with myself. I hereby challenge your mind to buzz like a bee! I hope to inspire you to use your imagination and find out why you should at least try dreaming. Why? (Very good!) That’s the question you’re about to answer yourself! Open your mind and travel along the road of our endless imagination…

What would you do if this was the last day of your life?
‘Shower warm and cold, listen to Michael Jackson, followed by a walk through the woods alone, drive the car to Daphne, look her deep in her eyes and let her feel how much I love her. Writing about my light as a representation for the lights of every being, and manage to get it published after my life. Living my motto: doing one thing at a time at my tempo and enjoy it thoroughly.’

What are your strengths and talents?
‘I am strong at heart, curious and in search for universal codes that work and I can pass on as a perfect example helping others to live their dreams, my awareness is growing and alive, I am determined to live the life of my dreams, persevering methods that feel good, I listen carefully as unitasker, I love, I am who I am and my talents are adapting, writing, caring and being.’ 

What do you admire most about others?
‘Their guts to follow their hearts and just ACT upon their heart’s desire, instead of thinking about it and persevering in their ‘safe’ circumstances. I also admire the discipline and perseverance towards the manifestation of their goals.’

What does success mean for you?
‘The power to create the life of your dreams, at will.’

Is there anything that needs to be invented?
‘Yes, a collective accepted patience to realize satisfaction with life the way it is.’

What would you be honored and recognized for?
‘Expanding human awareness. Mastering life. Writing stories and talk about them. Pulling off a billion dollar company; Marbles in order to make dreams come true. The smile on my face in this very moment. My wistle as a result of my sincere happiness I feel throughout the day. My honesty in speech, words and actions. The love and peace of mind I express interacting with others. My guts to act upon my heart’s desire.’

What needs to change to make this a better world?

What would you do if you were Superman?
‘Use my superpowers to show the world the abundancy of life. The infinite possibilities life’s characterized by. Safe people from their monkeyminds, teaching them how to fly and feel free as I’ve learned.’

Now, feel free to experiment with your imagination. Play! Have fun and use your mind, instead of being used by it everyday! Let your mind turn loose and get lost in the beauty of your creativity. Enjoy dreaming! I will be posting another blog next week to make sure your imagination keeps up and running.