The simple reason why Marbles is founded

I am sitting here, now, at the office in Helmond, The Netherlands. Tom is with me, my youngest brother and Bart, my other brother, is helping people to find tools working at Boels. I am about to share something very special with you: the reason of Marbles’ foundation, the reason why we spend so much time to its success. ‘Time’ from Hans Zimmer will guide you perfectly through the carefully chosen words of this blogpost, so please enjoy:

Being here, at Marbles, means the world to me. I mean, I am honestly doing what I love which is creating goodness. I am creating products that inspire good thoughts, good feelings and good deeds in name of Marbles. I am amazed and want to share this amazing feeling with the world, with you. Why? Because I want you to feel good, and brighten up this beautiful moment here & now. I believe this life is about sharing happiness with one another, whomever, whereever or whatever one’s doing. I care about one thing: goodness.

“There is no greatness where there is not simplicity, goodness, and truth.” – Leo Tolstoy

At Marbles we strive to be a successful business. A successful business has clarity of their purpose: the reason WHY they exist. We call this our fundamentals which are the sum-up of our mission, vision and values. We have spent hours upon hours, days upon days, weeks upon weeks and months upon months to find the truth of goodness and catch it in simple words. Now, I believe we’ve found it! No, I know we do! And my excitement is so great that I HAVE to share it with whomever makes time to listen!

I hereby present to you our mission and our vision being the true purpose of Marbles:

Our mission: To become the #1 brand of goodness in the world, challenging every human being to live their dreams by providing products that inspire good thoughts, good feelings and good deeds.

Our vision: A world in which everyone is living their dreams inspiring one another to be good.

Now, will you please excuse me? I’m going to sit back, listen to the soundtrack of ‘Intouchables’ and enjoy this great success, which truly feels magic. Thank you for your time and have a good one – whatever you’re having!