Why today’s society loses grip on me

Society won’t knock me down. I am happy, being a man with a vision. I foresee a world where everyone lives their dreams without wondering why. They just LIVE. The act of ‘living your dreams’ will transform ‘special and only for courageous and fortunate people’ into ‘normal and part of everyone’s growing up’. In essence everyone knows how to DREAM and how to ACT UPON these dreams. However, today’s society forces them to run most of the time and stop dreaming. People forget to listen to their hearts, and have therefore trouble hearing their hearts’ desires. Let stand to act upon their hearts and live their dreams. I have decided to break loose from societies choke-hold. Am I so special?

Let’s have a closer look.
I wear jeans, shoes and something to cover my upper body. I get up every morning and in stead of eating fast I enjoy my breakslow with sandwiches and milk, no trees, ants or other weird food or drinks. I have fun on the way to work, settle down behind my desk and do what I like and love. What I actually DO at work is aligned with my vision, which originates from my heart. As far as I know I’ve not inherited €5.000.000,00+ so I have to earn my financial independency myself. Before and after work I enjoy quality time with family, friends and the love of my life. I become tired and go to sleep when I feel like it.

Conclusion: I am normal, and not special at all. The only difference compared with 99% of the people surrounding me is that I can truthfully say that I-am-living-my-dreams. Here’s why:

#1: I have a clear overview of 99% of my dreams;
#2: I act upon my dreams, day in, day out;
#3: I can truthfully say that I live my dreams.

I feel great and I want to teach others to feel great. By showing them the importancy of how to dream and how to live these dreams. All in order to achieve greatness. By developing the attitude they need to take the necessary steps toward the achievement of their goals. How to use intention to develop the attitude of success & happiness. I DESPERATELY WANT to teach people this. Not only to survive, but to CONQUER life. I’m taking the first steps to realise my vision of a world full of happiness. A society where people enjoy their life-time doing what they LOVE in harmony with one another and the world… or something better.

Wonderful, exhilarating, majestic, beyond BIG, Impossible. I can imagine what you think. But you know what: impossible only exists when you believe it does. Society is losing it’s grip on my mind, and is about to undergo a transformation in my near surroundings. I want this life to be worthwhile, I want my time on Earth to be AMAZING.

Impossible? Yes. I believe I’m Possible.