35 things you should do after waking up in a bad mood

I‘m sure everyone experiences it every once in a while; waking up in a bad mood. I’m talking about those mornings when the odds just don’t seem to be on your side and it feels as if the whole word is against you. Well, you don’t have to worry no more, because you can do something to get all happy and cheered-up again!

Here is a list of 35 things  you could do after waking up in a bad mood:
#1 Fall back asleep.

#2 Let your mum, sister, wife, husband or little brother make you breakfast. BIG HAPPY breakfast, I’m talking about piles of bacon, pancakes with syrup, fruitshakes, ovenbaked croissants, cerials and milk, fresh yogurt with honey, beans, sausages, scrambled eggs, hash browns, toast, and of course, a lovely cup of coffee, cappuchino or/and espresso! Eat and drink until you find yourself crying out of happiness.

#3 Go to www.youtube.com and type ‘Zanger Rinus’ in the searchbar, watch any of his videos.

#4 Choose your favorite sing-along song and set the volume of your stereo on max: be a star! Believe me, it works.

#5 Ask yourself what you are happy, excited, grateful, proud and passionate about/for and answer yourself out loud.

#6 Set your drama-queen mode on ‘on-mode’ and start creating drama! Scream and act as if the house is on fire. It’s always fun to see other people waking up with a worse mood than you did.

#7 Close your eyes while painting your face with your make up (or your mum’s) and watch the result in the mirror.

#8 Watch Tommy Teleshopping on tv.

#9 Watch Dora on tv. Oh wait, this doesn’t work.

#10 Draw yourself a mustache (if you don’t already have one).

#11 Smile. Force yourself if it doesn’t come naturally to you in the morning. Force until you smile because your happy. It works, period.

#12 Take a warm bath.

#13 Open all the gifts under the Christmas tree. Don’t think about the consequences.

#14 Put two different shoes on and enjoy your funny walk.

#15 Throw yourself a suprise party.

#16 Choose your favorite dance-along song an set the volume of your stereo on max: be a boogie-woogie-hero!

#17 Make the most silly picture of yourself and send it to a friend in ask for return of his picture.

#18 Make the most silly picture of yourself and send it to 5 random phone numbers. Laugh about your own imagination.

#19 Buy a Happy Meal and give it away.

#20 Buy yourself a Happy Meal because you just made somebody else happy by buying him a Happy Meal.

#21 Ask your little brother to do your hair. Have faith in his styling-skills and walk around with his creation on your head all day long.

#22 Build a castle of pillows, mattrasses and blankets.

#23 Eat chocolate-spread with a big spoon until the jar is empty. Be aware, the happy results last for only a short period of time!

#24 Help out a randow stranger.

#25 Attend your own one-man polar bear plunge.

#26 Give every person you see a silly name. Just for fun.

#27 Imagine every person you see teethless.

#28 Bake your favorite pie.

#29 Call your boss, tell him you’re a timetraveler and that you’re not coming to work today. If he asks you why you’re not coming, tell him you went yesterday.

#30 Start a foodfight with the leftovers of #2. Include pudding and whipped-cream for maximum effect.

#31 Breathe in and breathe out very slowly. Relax and fall asleep again.

#32 Compliment random strangers.

#33 Decide to simply don’t care about what others think and laugh about your ‘uncaringness’.

#34 Go to work in your pyjamas.

#35 Finish every task on this list and find out that your workday is already over.

Enjoy. And please, don’t forget to put your smile on!