The 5 easiest ways I enjoy my Mondays

The reason I write this blog is simple; I want to enjoy this moment and I want you to do the same. By saying ‘this moment’ I mean ‘this moment’. Regardless of what you are currently doing, how you are feeling, what kind weather it is, or how high the pile of work is you are currently staring at.

Why do so few people enjoy this moment?
When you ask people if they are enjoying this moment most people will tell you that they are not. Why not? Well, that answer may vary a bit, but it will sound something like this:  ‘This is not the right moment to enjoy/to be happy, because:
– I am too occupied with my work/homework
– I don’t feel good right now
– I have a lot of other things to do first
In other words: now isn’t the right time.

When now isn’t the right time, when is?
Is there something more than now? For as far as I know there ‘is’ the past – which isn’t now, and the future – which isn’t now either.  The only now there is, is the present.

The only way to enjoy this moment
There is only one way to enjoy this moment: you have to be present in this moment.
To become present you have to get your attention on what is happening right now, right here. Take the role of the observer and observe whatever is going on right now.  Don’t think nor create an opinion, just let whatever is, be what it is. Use your 5 senses to:
– See the things that are happening
– Hear the sounds (or the absence of sounds) that are being made
– Taste the flavors in your mouth (caused by whatever is in it)
– Smell the scents of..
– Touch whatever you like (don’t take this too literally, please)

The only way to enjoy now, is to be aware of what is happening now and to embrace it. Then, when you embrace it, no matter what it is, you can start enjoying it!
Remember, now is the only moment that you will ever experience, so it is essential to be there when it happens.