7 roadblocks we have encountered on the journey of our dreams

I remember us sitting in the living room. All three in upper excitement about attending the first company meeting. It’s almost a year ago, May 2012: the start of Marbles. Well, it wasn’t Marbles back then, since nobody had come up with that name yet. But it was, what I like to call, the very beginning of Marbles, the start of our own company.

To become successful in living my dreams, I believed to need two things; the ambition to be successful and the guts to follow my heart. Enough of these two and I would be ensured of a short, flawless trip to the unlimited riches that were awaiting me.

Little did I know that there would be roadblocks along the way…
The list below is made up out of some roadblocks that we, and probably many others, have encountered and up to this day encounter every now and then.

1. Fear
Fear of what others might think, of losing what I’ve gained, fear of failing, fear of rejection. There is a whole list of things that scared the shit out of me.

2. Lack of motivation
There moments when I just didn’t have the push to give myself 100% for what I was currently doing.

3. Comfort-zone
The uncomfortable feeling of getting out of my comfort zone. The discomfort of getting myself out there in the unknown is one of the toughest roadblocks I had to cope with.

4. Lack of vision
Not having vision, in other words, not seeing from a broader perspective. Not recognizing it as an obstacle often caused me to focus too much on tiny details that make absolute no sense focusing on.

5. Procrastination
Every now and then I found myself doing unimportant things instead of the really important work.

6. Thinking negative
Creating negatives thoughts is for most people, including us, by far the most encountered roadblock. These thoughts usually concern the selfimage, personal capabilities or the work and effort done so far. The only way going around this roadblock I know of is transforming the negative thoughts into positive ones.

7. Obstacles
Obstacles are simply ‘extern’ situations in life, such as shortage of money, bad weather, unsatisfying feedback from clients etc.

I struggled a lot with these roadblocks, wondering what I was doing wrong. Then it suddenly hit me; I realized that for me, being successful isn’t about being on a ‘flawless’ trip to the riches. Instead, it is about being on a bumpy ride, full of roadblocks, out there in the unknown, with way more things to discover then I’ve ever could have imagined.

Perhaps I was wrong about roadblocks.
Perhaps roadblocks are put in our way, just to see if we really want to live our dreams, or if we just thought we did.