How answering this simple question helped me to live the life of my dreams

Do you wake up every morning with a smile on your face because you are, and you do what you always wanted to? Is your financial situation, your job and career, the way you spend your recreation and free time, your physical and mental health, your relationships with others and your role in the community exactly the way you want it to be?  In other words; are you living the life of your dreams?

If you are, answering the previous question was simple, right? If you are not, the previous question was probably a though nut to crack. How could it be otherwise?

A thousand ways to manifest success
Figuring out how to manifest success can be overwhelming. There are dozens, hundreds, maybe even thousands of ways, techniques and guidelines on how to manifest success in your life (in other words; how to manifest your dreams). But your time and effort is completely wasted if you start applying right away. Sure, there are excellent techniques and guidelines out there, but there is no use in applying them if you forget to take the most important step first.

The only question to answer
There is only one question you should answer to start living the life of your dreams:

“What is success?”

Can you describe what success is? Can you tell me how your successful financial situation, your successful career and your successful relationships look like? Can you tell me what your physical and mental state of being would be? Can you describe me how it would feel to be successful?  Can you tell me how the life of your dreams looks like? Can you?

Dig until you find the gold
Forget all the books, articles, workshops and lectures about success and life coaching. They are unimportant if you don’t start with the essence. Find the true essence of success; what is it you want?  How does success looks like for you?

Dig for it. And don’t stop digging until you find what it is you want.
I promise you, that if you keep digging, you will eventually end up with finding the gold. And when that happens, only when that happens, it is time for you to find ways to get the gold out of the ground.