Are you listening to Peter Pan?

All three of us are staring up. Nine meters up in the treetops are a football and a baseball bat. The numerous attempts to get them out haven’t worked out so far. The football is stuck between the branches and the baseball bat is out of reach. The only way to get them down is to climb all the way up to get them.

It’s time to make a decision;

Option A: acknowledge the fact that it is too risky, and go home without football or baseball bat.
Option B: ignore the fact that a 9 meter fall down isn’t ‘so good’ for your legs, and try to do the impossible; climb 2.5 meter to the first branch, jump a leap of 2 meters to the next branch, and find a way to climb all the way up to finally be on 2 meter distance from the ball and baseball bat.
As a ‘grown-up’ I am able to weigh the pros and cons. I can make a decision based on facts, my knowledge and previous experiences. The ‘grown-up voice’ tells me that it’s too risky. What if something goes wrong? It’s not worth the risk, lets go home.

But as in every decision, there are always more options than just one. There’s also another voice. It’s a much kinder, softer and less demanding voice. It is a voice that asks you to come out to play and to do risky and exciting things.  In return for your adventurous undertakings it makes you feel vibrant and alive. This little voice is the voice of the Peter Pan that is hidden in each one of us ‘grown-ups’. It’s there during every moment of decision, it always has been and it always will be. It is just up to you if you are willing to listen to it.

Anyhow, I’ve made my decision. Can you lift me up a little so I can get to the first branch?