Are you part of my blog-pie?

I‘ve been writing and posting blogs for a little while now. Trying out different ways of writing, different subjects and various places where I write my blogs (I’m actually outside in the forest now. Sitting at a picnic-table in the cold wind, trying to keep the blood flowing through my fingers while enjoying the afternoon-sunrays on my face).

Blogging is an amusing thing to do. As a blogger you can decide when you want to blog, where you want to blog about and where you want to be while blogging. Freedom is yours!
So if you are a night-person (Ace’s blog on night-people) and a total adrenaline junk you can try to make a habit out of writing your blog while sitting next to the coureur of a racecar during the night laps of the 24-hours Le-Mans race. No doubt that it will get your creative juices flowing! Or if you are more ‘laid-back’ you can write your blog while sipping an exotic cocktail while floating in your bathtub on the pacific ocean. Don’t forget to bring a powerwire with you, in case your battery runs low. And ofcourse, if you are a true adventurer, like me, you can drive to the nearest forest, park your car, cross some seriously dangerous open fields and find a worn picnic-table to make the picture of true adventure complete. Yes, blogging is a dangerous profession, but it’s an absolute delight.

And what makes it even more special is that there are people like you, who read the stories we write.
I’m grateful, thank you!  You are the cherry on my blogpie.