How to create the attitude for getting what you want

Happiness is the magic soil that every thing worth harvesting, grows on. You can have the best seeds in the whole wide world and the most expensive tools to harvest. You can have 10 times more manpower than necessary, and you can have enough land to cover the moon, but if you don’t sow your seeds on good soil you are doomed to end up with nothing.

Happiness is your magic soil, build on happiness.
When you start every action you take, every thought you think, and every word you speak from a state of happiness you are sowing on good soil. It is humans nature to be happy. You are BORN to be happy. So when you are building on happiness you can’t go wrong. A lot of people ‘forgot’ because their attention is on all the ‘distractions’ of daily life. But I am writing this blog to remind you. Start with happiness and your results will be astonishing.

How to get in a state of happiness.
To get in a state of happiness, I simply take a few minutes a day to sum up 10+ circumstances in my life that I am currently feeling grateful for. Between every sum-up I take the time to feel and embrace the feeling of gratitude that arises. I do this until I am saturated with the feeling of gratitude.  This feeling results in a state of happiness.

13 circumstances I am feeling grateful for right now:

1. My smile. Hmm, I love smiling.

2. The Dutch-English dictionary. My writing and vocabulary are improving, but still..

3. The warmth and natural light in my office.

4. The thought of seeing my family and friends this weekend.

5. Soundtrack compilations on YouTube. Hans Zimmer, you are my hero.

6. Marbles Stories. What is a better place to share my gratitude than here?

7. The feeling of comfort and happiness that is entering my body.

8. All the child stories I’ve been told as a child. The magic is still fully intact and working.

9. My ambition to dream BIG and to happily manifest these dreams.

10. The realization that I am already manifesting my dreams. BIG SMILE.

11. My bicycle. Dear bicycle, you’ve been amongst us for a longer period of time than any other of ‘my’ bikes has ever been. You are strong, brave and I admire you.

12. The plumber that fixed the toilet and the smell as a result of the damage. It feels good to breathe again.

13. Water from the office tap. This blog would be a mess if it would be beer coming out of that thing.

Remember, happiness is your nature. Be it. Take a few minutes each day to sum up circumstances or any other thing you are feeling grateful for and feel.
Happiness is yours!