Goosebumps: this inspires me

It is amazing how words, from a person that I don’t even know, by the guidance of the chords of his guitar, touch my heart. Simple words that I use daily while conversing with others, all of a sudden travel much further than the ears; they travel from heart to heart.  Guided by the rhythm of his song, carried by the passion in his voice, and enlightened by the truth of his soul, the words of this young man inspire.

It is not to grasp by defining the meaning of his words, molted around the experiences in his life. It is not to grasp by analyzing his body language or by looking at the emotions hidden in his eyes. It’s not to grasp by analyzing and explaining with the mind.   It’s much more simpler than that.

The only way to grasp a hint of the inspiration this young man is spreading is to FEEL. Just open your self up and receive.

From the heart, I hope one day to be as touching as this young man, spreading such inspiration to the world.

Watch the video below to feel the complete story (skip to 2:26 for action).

YouTube Preview Image