How to turn 6 daily irritations into joyful adventures

People can be divided into two groups; those who complain and blame the world for all the ‘bad’ thing that happen, and those who take complete responsibility for everything that happens to them. In other words, there are people who believe everything happens to them, and who claim to be a victim of these things. And there are people who believe they create these things themselves, simply because they are in control of their lives. These mindsets cause the two to perceive the world completely different.

‘We don’t see things the way they are, we see things the way we are’
Fortunately, a mindset can be changed. If something can be learned, it can also be unlearned. And in this case it means one can learn to shift the focus from negative to positive.  I would like to kick-off this change by turning 6 daily irritations into joyful adventures.

1. Your computer crashed, resulting in lost work you’ve spent hours doing.
What is wrong with doing good work twice? Repetition is an excellent way of gaining more skills in your craft.  Isn’t that the goal you intended to achieve in the first place?

2. Toilets you have to pay for.
Have you ever used a toilet on a festival or in a dorm room? Exactly!  Next time, give the cleaners an extra smile for keeping those toilets clean and fresh!

3. People who smell.
Without the bitter the sweet isn’t as sweet. Simply said, if there were no bad smelling people, there wouldn’t be good smelling people. Besides, body odor plays an important role in subconscious sexual attraction between people.

4. People who eat with their mouth open.
You noticing ‘bad behavior’ is a good sign. It means you are becoming more conscious. Compliment yourself and be grateful for this opportunity to become more conscious. And if you will, laugh about it. The noises and facial expressions can be pretty amusing.

5. Rude shop assistants.
There is nothing more amusing than confronting someone in a bad mood with a smile. Happiness is the natural state of being, so feeling bad is always secondary to feeling good. Enjoy the confusion and struggle of that particular person, as he/she knows you just did a good deed.

6. Stepping in dog poo.
First, you have to admit; stepping in dog poo is funny. There isn’t a single time that I stepped in dog poo and haven’t laughed. Second, unless the poo stepped in your foot, you should ask yourself this simple question; who stepped in the dog poo?

Remember, this goes for ALL situations. No matter how bad or difficult they seem to be, it is your perception, not the situations themselves that create good or bad.  Know you can start changing your perception now. The only thing it requires is the will to see things differently and the courage to act upon this will.

So, will you?