Pure stupidity; I’m a hurry to take it easy

Hmm..      finally,
I have found peace of mind again.

I’ve been rushing since 14:00 this afternoon.
To-do’s: finish the print-dimensions of Marbles & Tees,  design hang-tags and dimensions, clean up, go home, get my stuff, leave home, catch a train, go to Coffee Lovers and write and publish my blog post while enjoying a lovely cup of coffee, all within 3 hours. Way too many things to do, in a way too short period of time. Trying to catch up with this planning leaves me tired, uncomfortable and unsatisfied with myself.

I’ve missed my train and make my way through the traffic in a hurry.
People drive too slow, traffic jams appear from out of nowhere and traffic lights color the world in red. It’s amusing, now I take the time to observe the situation. Plus it’s a paradox. I’m in a hurry to have more time left to write my blog with tranquility and calmness.  My intention is good, but it isn’t clever. I have the intention to be relaxed and in ease, to feel comfortable and satisfied. I want to be  inspired and proud of who I am and what I do.  No matter what I am doing, no matter where I am. Just anytime, anywhere.

Finally, after 3-and-a-half hours, I have achieved what I have been rushing for. I am feeling good and at ease. I am feeling grateful and happy. I am feeling complete.

And I am wishing you the same. Enjoy.
– smile –