Why I should go to work in my underwear

Going to work in your underwear,
I’ve never done it, and it’s not something I’ve ever seen anyone else do before. But to me, it sounds pretty amusing. Don’t you think it would be amusing, seeing a decent, middle-aged man in his heart-dotted, oversized boxer shorts waiting for the train? Smiling, while sipping his hot coffee. His phone rings, and while he is talking with his business-partner over the phone he is scratching his but.

Ok, forget about the last part, I’m over-doing it.
But I’m wondering how most people would react to a similar situation. I doubt if they would take it as humoristic, amusing or entertaining.  The reason for my doubts is; I get the impression that being humoristic and playful just isn’t acceptable in society anymore.

Innocent jokes are taken as serious insults, sometimes even causing fights. Sincere words and compliments are taken as sarcastic, and any type of different behavior is seen as strange and misbehavioral.  People take their lives serious and restrict it.  And though this attitude is beneficial in some situations, in daily life it, most of the time, isn’t.
Most things simply are the way they are, whether you take them serious or not. So apart from affecting your mood and those of the people around you, this attitude isn’t changing a thing. Wouldn’t you be better off by swapping it for an attitude that actually makes you feel good?

I have a suggestion: swap your seriousness for optimism and a smile.
Research shows that smiling boosts your mood and your immune system, it reduces stress and lowers your blood pressure.  It makes you more attractive and confident. It’s a natural drug that makes your life and the lives of others a lot more enjoyable.

 Fact: a smile gives the same level of stimulation as eating 2,000 chocolate bars!

So besides the fact that your smile is making you and the people around you feel good, it prevents you from taking LOT’s of calories.  Which, to conclude this story, means that smiling also makes you look better in your underwear.

Below is Ron Gutman on ‘The hidden power of smiling’ :7 min worth watching!

YouTube Preview Image