Is this the way you want to work every day?

Rain falls down on my car’s windscreen. I breathe in and smile while closing my eyes. The warm piano tones, the lovely voice of Norah Jones  and the sound of little drops of water falling on the canvas-rooftop makes my mind wonder. I smile again while observing the places my mind is taking me. I open my eyes and slowly drive off into the dark gloom of the night. The roads are empty and as I drive further and further I feel relaxation falling over me. It’s  like a warm clothe of whool covering my shoulders, back and chest. I am truely enjoying it. My car takes me through the city. The city is colored by shiny cars, colossal buildings and promiscuous-business. Though the city is sleeping at this time of the day, it isn’t hard to tell it is only preparing for another day of hard, tiring work.

I’ve chosen not to be like most people. I don’t work day in, day out to find myself at the end of the day, feeling unhappy with the way I’m making a living. Not to mention the reason for this way of making a living, which is to be able to continue this way of living..  Instead, I work to find myself at the end of the day, tired but happy and fulfilled.  Grateful for the fact I am choosing to make a living in order to change my way of living.

I am changing my way of living for the better.

Each and every day.