The superhero version of myself

I want to be the superhero version of myself.  The Bruce Wayne of the city I live in, the Mohammed Ali of the sports I practice, the Charlie Chaplin and Ghandi of the society I live in. I want to be the best I can possibly be, always and everywhere.
I don’t believe there is a formula, a diet or a work-out plan to become the best I can be. There is no planning involved, no path to follow to eventually get to the point where I am the best I can be. I believe it is simpler than that.
All I have to do, is be the best I can be this very moment. Whether I’m brushing my teeth, driving my car, negotiating a multi-million dollar contract, solving a crossword puzzle or relaxing in the pool. Giving my best at the current moment is what being the best I can be requires. It takes conscious awareness, permanent endeavor and lots of determination to give this moment all I have. It may be simple in essence but it is certainly not easy.

In the end I will probably be tired, wrinkled and weary. But at least I will be satisfied and able to say with a smile on my face, that I was the best I could possible be: the superhero-version of myself.