The journey: Final part

Here we are, again.
You, me and our mysterious flying machine, made out of ‘glass-bamboo’, clouds and ‘koala-wool’. You do remember it, don’t you? Well, the story isn’t over. Not yet.

I think it’s about time I tell you something important. There is something about this story that I haven’t told you about. I’ve kept it a secret.

I told you a story about ancient times.  Times when people started discovering the world.. and beyond. A story about their dream to visit the ‘shiney dots in the sky’ and their eagerness to find out how to realise that dream. A story about the difficulties they handled; experimenting, taking risks, overcoming their fears, just to make sure their dream stayed alive.  It was a complicated, but fairly simple journey of chasing their hearts desire.
Well, there is a ‘magic’ ingredient that made this journey possible, and more important; that makes every other journey possible and worthy of being on. But before I tell what that magic ingredient is, I need you to help me out a little, just to make sure I am bringing it the right way.

Don’t hesitate, just do it. It is very important!
I need you to do the following:
Close your eyes (after you’ve finished reading this sentence)
and picture yourself standing in front of the ‘mysterious flying machine’ I told you about. Picture yourself, walking into the machine after me, and closing the door. Then picture yourself pressing the ‘TAKE-OFF button’ with a big smile on your face.

Take a minute (or two) to see and experience every detail of what happens next and then open your eyes.

3..  2..  1..  off you go!

Click here
 if you closed your eyes and pictured yourself taking-off in the ‘mysterious flying machine’.
If you didn’t; stop thinking. Just do it and click here after you’ve done it.