The journey: Part three

It’s time.
With a big smile on my face I get out of bed.  I can feel a tingling feeling in my abdomen; I’m excited. The wooden floor beneath my feet is warm and as I walk to the door I take a peak through the small, rounded window. The sky is pitch-black and the moon and stars are lightening the rooftops.
It’s late, or let’s say, it’s very early. As quiet as I possible can I walk down the stairs. I slowly open the door and step outside. Little water drops on the leaves reflect the bright moonlight and create miniature rainbows.

I can hear the sound of the soft breeze going through the trees and look up to the sky. I remember someone telling me ” did you know that when you look up to the stars, you are looking back in time. What you are actually seeing is what the universe looked like billions of years ago.”

I take a deep breath and open the lock. I can’t help myself but smile.
It’s true.

I really am a time traveler.