The journey: Part four

So tell me what you think!
Is it what you expected it to be? It’s certainly not what I expected it to become when I first started.

When I started creating it, it had 2 wings and most of it was out of old, rusty metal plates. It was nothing special, it was heavy and really unpractical. But then I figured that I wasn’t playing by the rules of the game. I copied what already existed and limited myself while doing it.
I figured that there are no boundaries. Since I am the one creating, not somebody else, it can be exactly how I want it to be.

So that’s why there isn’t much left of the metal plates. I figured, if it could be anything I want, why not use extra-ordinary materials? Such as glassbamboo, clouds and koalawhool. Due to these materials you can see all around you while being up in the air. The clouds make it very light and therefore fast and maneuverable. And staying inside is a truly pleasant experience, the koalawhool makes it comfortable, soft and warm.

To be honest, it’s more like a cozy airhotel than anything else.
But of course it’s also a rocket, a space shuttle, a zeppelin.. or an airplane. I’m not sure how to call it actually.

Let’s just keep it simple and call it ‘Imagination’.