These are 10 of my remarkable habits

Here it is, an exclusive list of 10 habits that make living with me such an amazing experience. It’s because of these habits that the people I live with wake up with a smile and go to bed with a smile. I do not own any rights on any of these habits, so copy, distribute, reproduce or fine-tune them if you wish!

Enjoy the list of 10 of some of my remarkable habits:

#1 I have this thing with unopened packaging. I just have to open it, even when what’s inside doesn’t interest me at all. Two seconds later the fun is gone. A week later what’s inside the packaging it is rotten or buried in dust in a corner of the room.

#2 I have the tendency to take a bite and then leave half-eaten food lying around. Just take a look in our fridge or pantries; you’ll understand what I mean.

#3 I walk around in my socks. Most of the time. At the office.

#4 I have this illness called ‘after dinner-dip’. All the energy magically disappears and I become the laziest dishwasher and the best ‘pretending-I-am-making-myself-useful-er’ in the world.

#5 When #4 doesn’t apply I have an after dinner-boost-energy-happiness-to-the-max-thing going on. This is kind of the opposite of the after dinner-dip, besides from the fact that I’m still worthless in being useful. I just have to admit; after dinner I am a true delight to be with.

#6 I smile and say ‘hi’ to random people on the street and I enjoy them feeling uncomfortable with me doing so.

#7 I sometimes climb from my window on the roof and feel like Peter Pan while watching the sky.

#8 When I am on my bike, weird things happen. To you. If you’re around at that specific time. Honestly, I talk, sing and mumble to myself like a schizophrenic. But luckily I am one with happy personalities.

#9 I’m quite a Mister Picky. For example; books are ordered on color, my shoes have tied laces and are ordened according to height, I make sure the accessories on my desk are perfectly aligned and structured before I start working and I spend about 20 minutes doing my hair. Sometimes multiple times a day.

#10 I wear a watch that’s not displaying the correct time. In fact, according to that watch, I haven’t moved forward in time since January 2011.

#11 I really like to come up with unique activities that don’t go with the moment, the place and the people I am proposing it to. For example, polar plunges in the middle of the night on the 6th of Januari, pyama parties on a wednesday of a work week and activities that mostly require food and a unusual time of the day. My creativity obviously doesn’t care about time, circumstance of spectator!

Thats it!

The habits in this list are just the tip of the iceberg. So if you have some habits of your own to share, please let us know  by Mail and we’ll be pleased to share it with the rest of the world!