This is what the thief stealing away your smiles looks like

Can you recall the last time you were completely happy, in peace, shining like a child? Can you tell me how you felt, what you were doing and what you were thinking about? I can.

The last time I felt completely happy and in peace, the last time I was shining like a child, was 2 minutes ago. I felt warm, bright and light. I was staring outside to all the cars that drive past our office and I was thinking about the work I’ve done so far today. Oh, and there was this one thing that also happened… I smiled.

And that smile seemed to confirm it all. That smile seemed to be the ultimate proof that I was indeed complete happy, in peace and shining like a child. And then, completely out of the blue, the following question popped up ‘ Why, relatively speaking, do I smile so little times a day?’ I love smiling, so how come I smile so little?

I thought about this question for a while and I think i figured it out: there must be some sort of thieves who, when we are not paying enough attention, steal away our smiles. It’s the only logical explanation, right?

This is what I believe these thieves look like:

# Bad thoughts
These thieves are sneaky ones. They let their selves in through the backdoor and consume a lot of energy without you noticing it. As long as you are not aware of their presence they will multiply and take away lots and lots of your precious smiles!

# Bad feelings
These fat, clumsy thieves take your smiles and try to fool you by replacing them with discomfort, sourness and a sad face. Bastards!

Working together these thieves can cause you a lot of trouble and a long time without smiles. So therefore it is important for you to ask yourself every once in a while ‘When was the last time I felt happy, in peace and was I shining like a child?’

When your answer isn’t ‘2 minutes ago’ then I’m here to tell you to do something about it! You know what to do; try to spot the thieves that took away your smile and get your smiles back. It can be quite a challenge to do so, but I promise you, you will always end up with a…