Why should you give up on your dream?

It’s late in the afternoon when I arrive. From where I park my car it is about an hour and a half walk through thick bushes, over stretched green hills covered with thousands of colorful flowers, near steep valley’s and across  the beautiful wooden suspension bridge over the river. Walking here is as if I am walking around in a scenery pictured in a traveling brochure; it’s literally breath-taking. In fact, it’s even more than that. There is much more to enjoy than just the view. I can hear the breeze going through the canopy and the birds singing. I can smell the vitalizing scent of pine, spruce and fir. And I can taste the flavors of moss and mushrooms. Oh wait, I can, but I am not ofcourse. I feel the warmth of todays last sunrays on my face. The same rays that give the forest a warm, deep red/orange personality during this warm afternoon. I enjoy the walk until I arrive at my destination. I look up and discover the lights are already on. Its warm and natural appearance make it blend perfectly with the rest of the forest during this afternoon. If you wouldn’t know it was there, you probably wouldn’t even notice it.

Luckily it is there.

I’ve always had something special with the forest.
I’m just glad that I never gave up on my dream to live in a treehut one day.