The source of inspiration

Inspiration, for me, is one of the hardest things to get.
I’m the kind of person that, when motivated, works like a machine. But, before I get to that point..

The problem seems to be my concentration. I’m so easily distracted that when I finally start to work, my mind is already thinking about something else. And the other way around doesn’t work for me either: If I’m to busy, I’m getting stressed and work so hard that I end my workdays nauseous.
I’m sure you know exactly what I am talking about! This western society is making everybody working till their arms fall of. And were so deep in this that everyone thinks it is normal. Although I like to work, I think I would enjoy it even more if I could just plan in my own work. Or not?

Honestly, I can’t plan ahead. 3-4 days is my maximum. And that is a major set back for my professional  and personal growth.
We now have three words that negatively describe me: No inspiration, easily distracted and cannot plan ahead. Hmm, and I am suppose to lead a company this way! Thankfully I am not alone! Because the weaknesses I have, are the strengths of my colleagues.

Every person has weaknesses, no doubt about that, but you can do something about that. Attract people that fill up those holes and form a tight foundation of trust. Only then can you achieve great heights, together!
They inspire me, they give me goals I can focus on, and last but not least; they help me look at the future.

A bright one, a happy one, a successful one!