We have values because values drive the people who give meaning to Marbles. It’s the teamwork that gives the company meaning, Marbles is just a name. Our values define the way we give the company meaning, practising our mission. It is the most important system of our company. We strive to think, say and do everything in accordance with this set of standards. We do this by living our values on a daily base, without questioning.

Be passionate & determined
We do what we love, and we love what we do. Very simple, and therefore the truth.

Be creative & playful
We discover new worlds in every word and conversation. We play as hard as we work and share laughter to open ourselves up for creativity to flow in everything we do.

Be happy & positive
We strive to think happy thoughts, say happy words and do everything in a happy way. Positive thinking is our way to find happiness; laughing is vital to our happiness and an important motivator on a daily base.

Be kind & generous
We are kind towards ourselves by taking time for what we think, say and do. We are kind towards fellow members of the Marbles family, customers and business relatives. We serve whomever we meet with a smile, because we know what great inspiration it shares.

Be great & responsible
We excel at what we do, because we take 100% responsibility for what we think, say and do. We strive to become better than ourselves everyday. And because of this we grow as human beings and therefore as a company.

Be open & peaceful
We respect life on Earth, including ourselves and others. We listen carefully to what others say, before we decide to open our own mouths. Instead of competing, we work together and cooperate.

We believe that there’s only one time for power; now. Now is the time to change the world. We strive to be good to inspire fellow human beings to be good as well.