Marbles™ is founded for one reason: to be the example for every human being to live their dreams. To live one’s dreams starts with dreaming, followed by taking action upon one’s dreams in order to manifest them.

Our vision:
A world where everyone is living their dreams, inspiring one another to be good.

This imaginary world is our vision of our society here on planet Earth. A world where everyone takes full responsibility for their thoughts, words and deeds. Not because they have to, but because they want to. A world where every human being fulfills their unique life-purpose. Not because they think it’s right, but because they feel it’s right. A world where every individual helps one another to live their dreams. Not because they’re told to, but because they love to.

We name our vision: ‘One Good World’. We give our vision a name because we intend to communicate our vision in a clear, simple and powerful way.

We believe every human being is able to live their dreams. We believe in challenging people to live their dreams. Our mission is the way we create our vision and our values define the character of our creation. Marbles is our dream in action.