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Marbles™, the company itself, is a creation out of three open minds, inspired by three loving hearts and powered by three healthy bodies. It’s the manifestation of the belief that every one on planet Earth is able to live their dreams.

Marbles Movies™ is the embodiment of our vlog at You Tube. Here we post movies for people who search inspiration to discover new experiences. Every episode is 5-minute-video where 3 secret ingredients will be randomly selected and mixed into one experience. These 3 secret ingredients are location, circumstance and activity.  We will be posting one movie a week on our YouTube-channel Marbles Movies. 

Marbles Laughs™ is our way of sharing greatness. These daily posts are an expression of our creativity in order to inspire fellow human beings to feel good and do good. 9GAG is where you can find a moment of relaxation in the form of humour, playfulness and goodness. These posts are ready to share with friends and family, because life’s all about sharing.

Marbles Stories™ is our blog in action at Our blog is the digital place where stories come to life. These are pieces of our own life, written for curious souls on a daily base. Designed to inspire them to enjoy life and put challenges into perspective.

At Marbles™ the products are exactly aligned with Marblesland, serving as evidence for our beliefs.